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7 min readFeb 1, 2022

What is Hedge Finance?

Hedge Finance is a BEP20 (BSC) rewards protocol. We know if you have not been in crypto for long, you have no idea what that means. In short, what the Hedge team has set out to do is allow you to buy the $HEDGE token and receive rewards (or reflections) on blue-chip tokens.

These rewarded tokens are vetted and researched, making your job much easier. All you need to do is purchase the $HEDGE token, and over time you are rewarded with some of the best crypto projects available on multiple chains throughout the entire crypto space.

How does Hedge Finance plan to help people acquire blue-chip tokens?

It is straightforward. The team has members on board whose entire job is to do thorough research on projects and ensure that the rewarded projects are of high caliber with massive potential upside.

While nothing in life is guaranteed, with proper research and guidance, we feel that the opportunity to pick the best reward tokens is within our grasp at Hedge Finance.

Risk, especially in crypto, is inherent, but the Hedge Finance team aims to allow you to sit back and collect rewards tokens on projects you may never have heard of or passed on for any reason by mistake.

Why should you trust the Hedge Finance team?

There are many reasons, but let’s quickly discuss the most significant obstacles with people who create cryptocurrencies. First, the biggest issue across many projects is that they are not, what we call in the space, doxxed. This means you may know their Twitter handle or Discord name, but you do not know who they are.

Here are the faces of Hedge Finance; every person on the team is doxxed, and you can locate them on LinkedIn by using the Team page on the website, https://www.hedge-finance.com.

So, what does that mean for you as a potential investor or token holder? First, you can rest assured that they are doing everything in their power to do two things; Pick the proper blue-chip tokens, and increase the inherent price of the native $HEDGE token.

This gives you peace of mind when investing your hard-earned money in another crypto token that promises real utility.

Does the rewards token ever change?

Of course! In fact, as of the date of writing of this article, it has been changed ten times. Sometimes faster than others, but in the current case, $HEDGE token holders have been being rewarded FTM for over two weeks.

The team is constantly analyzing the ever-changing crypto market, and as this happens, new tokens can suddenly emerge as a safer or more stable long-term promise. Therefore, the team will always announce when the reward changes will occur, and generally, when that announcement happens, the reward is changed within 24 hours.

Other than rewards, how does $HEDGE benefit me?

Hedge-Finance aims to be a full-service platform that makes it easy for anyone to access a range of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) opportunities, from access to new tokens with significant upside potential to analyzing existing and proven solutions in the space. Four main categories surround the Hedge Finance ecosystem and the utility of the $HEDGE token.

Staking: Hedge-Finance will offer staking pools to $HEDGE holders. The staking pools will serve multiple functions, but first and foremost, we wanted to ensure that everyone had a fair chance at receiving rewards, even if their budget would not allow a sizeable investment.

Holders with less than 20,000 $HEDGE will have the option to pool their $HEDGE with other users to meet the minimum threshold to earn rewards. These rewards will be divided among different participants in the pool based on the amount of $HEDGE they have staked, allowing everyone, even with a single $Hedge, to earn rewards on their holdings.

Those holders who stake over 20,000 $HEDGE will be able to earn additional rewards on top of what they would already make for simply holding.

The other exciting part of providing your tokens to the staking pools is, in theory, this also reduces circulating supply. By not having your Hedge in a personal wallet, this, in theory, reduces outstanding collection and should also, in theory, drive the price of $HEDGE up.

Snipe Bot: Version 2 has just recently launched and is a fantastic way for you to get into projects the moment they launch.

This new version launches individual contracts that interact directly with your wallet to lower gas fees, eliminate max buys, and eliminate max wallets tx’s (transactions).

This Snipe Bot will continue to improve in speed, quality, and more as time goes on.

Launchpad (COMING SOON): The Hedge-Finance Launchpad will serve as a place where current Holders of Hedge can view projects that the team has already vetted as viable projects. But, maybe these projects are not quite suitable as the “best option” for staking rewards at this time.

While a project might appear on the launch pad, but not as a reward, it only means that the team has identified a more promising project for the near and long term than some of the other approved projects on this list.

This also means opportunity. Generally, the projects on this list are verified and audited. In addition, the team has done extensive research on the project, so we have a high degree of certainty it will be a viable project in the future, but not something we want to reward at this time.

Another fantastic feature of this Launchpad is in some cases, the projects will allocate pre-sale or bonus tokens to $HEDGE holders. So being a part of $HEDGE may get you into that next project you could not get on the whitelist for or give you free tokens just for holding $HEDGE!

Analytics Dashboard (COMING SOON): The Hedge Finance data analytics platform will be an all-encompassing data analytics and trading platform for Binance Smart Chain tokens built exclusively for Hedge holders.

Platform users will be able to create limit orders, set stop-losses, and access machine learning transaction, volume, wallet, and social media sentiment analysis. This will give $HEDGE holders a big picture view of all information available at any given moment.

What on earth is a Snipe Bot?

Let me ask a question — Have you ever gone through the painstaking process of reviewing a project, its developers, its whitepaper, spent hours in their discord/telegram, getting ready to purchase that token you know was going to the moon? It explodes at the moment it launches?

You were ready on the trigger, you had your BNB ready, and you were prepared to snipe that contract. But the “bots,” the bots got to it first? So by the time you executed that purchase, the token had tripled in value, and you got a third of the number of tokens you thought you would receive? Us too.

If you have ever looked into purchasing one of these bots, even for single use, you would quickly find out that they cost THOUSANDS of dollars to use. At Hedge Finance, we thought that was just wrong. They are allowing the whales to make more money, while yet again, the little guy struggles to make their small gains.

So we set out to develop a new way for everyone to participate in these drops without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. While there is a requirement to use the bot (100,000 $HEDGE Tokens) at writing, this is about $375.

The best part is, you do not have to hold the $HEDGE tokens forever; use your snipe, and you are free to sell back to the open market. You might be thinking, why would you tell me to snipe and sell back to the open market?

Well, there are two philosophies here at Hedge Finance –

One is our Holders. They have been with us from the beginning and continue holding their bags and utilizing the software and services. They are here for the long haul, and we appreciate them and the trust they have in us.

The other is the traders. Those people want something from us but are happy getting in and out when the time is right. We are okay with this because Hedge’s design means that the rest of the community is rewarded when someone buys or sells.

So if you are reading this and want to snipe a project you know will be significant, join us for a day, a week, a month, and snipe that project. Once you see how the system works, we know you will be back for another round of sniping!

We should mention that v2 of our Snipe Bot just launched, and as we continue to grow at Hedge Finance, we have made some significant improvements to this snipe bot.

Each snipe now executes its contract, never sees the Hedge wallet, and interacts directly with your wallet, which means that we will likely never go over a threshold of buys when many of our holders want to snipe the same project.

This also means that you are protected, and the bot will execute snipe buys in the order they are received, and since each person uses their wallet to interact with the contract, a max wallet buy can also be avoided entirely.


If you have read this far, thank you. We wanted this article to give people a good overview of Hedge Finance, the team behind it, what is available, and what is coming in the future.

We look forward to delivering for you and the entire community.



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