An introduction to Auto-Compounders

Staking and the APYs:

General T2K Staking:

LP Staking:

  • There are a total of 1000 LP tokens
  • The LP holds 5,000,000 T2K and 300,000 BUSD
  • 1 T2K = $0.06

What is Beefy Finance?

What makes Beefy Finance unique?

  1. Beefy Finance largely distributes platform revenue back to those who stake $BIFI. With $BIFI, you essentially hold a dividend-eligible ‘company’ share.
  2. Beefy Finance has more than 10 smart contract developers who carefully test and review our vaults, investment strategies, new platforms and smart contracts before releasing them to the public. Beefy is also actively encouraging developers to participate and engage to make Beefy Finance an even better product.
  3. Beefy Finance is flexible and operates on more than one blockchain.
  4. Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. The more widely available the source code is for public testing, scrutiny, and experimentation, the more rapidly all forms of bugs will be discovered. This is a key Beefy principle.
  5. Beefy offers unique strategies that other yield optimizers simply do not have. This includes liquidity pool pairs that you can find only on the Beefy platform.
  6. The mooVaults for yield optimization boast large APYs that outperform many of our yield farming competitors.
  7. Beefy Finance is a supported partner of Trust Wallet, Binance’s official decentralized wallet. This provides the project with credibility and improves overall trust.

The yield farming steps that Beefy Finance executes for you:



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